Oliver Holle


Oliver founded his first tech startup as a university student in 1997, long before the terms “Mobile”, “Entrepreneur” and “Startup” even existed in the European mainstream. In 2003, he pivoted his company from interactive simulations to mobile content distribution, merging it into 3united AG to become a leader and innovator in the mobile content space. After a successful exit to Verisign, the leading internet security company, and several years at their Silicon Valley location, he returned to Austria with the goal of creating a business angel platform, and later raising €10M to found Speedinvest. Today, Si is one of Europe’s leading venture funds with €120M in capital, seven successful exits and a portfolio that includes notable startups such as bitmovin, wefox, and Fraugster. Oliver is dedicated to revolutionizing European venture capital by providing strategic advice and operational experience to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Speedinvest currently runs offices in Vienna, Silicon Valley and Munich. The main investment targets are Deeptech, Fintech, media and e-commerce.